Universities Australia HIGHER.EDITION: Equity is no longer and option - it's an imperative

Seismic shifts in our economy and our society are here.

Our globalised economy has seen technology disrupt jobs, industries and markets.   

Our workforce is also increasingly polarised; with high-paid, technology-based and knowledge-driven jobs at one end of the spectrum and low-paid, unskilled increasingly casualised jobs at the other.

In both cases, many of the jobs that are around today won’t be here in 20 years’ time. 

Lowy Institute the Interpreter: India, still blaming victims for violence against women

Last year, I wrote in the Interpreter about Modi’s panic button policy approach to increasing concerns about women’s safety in India.

Fast forward seven months and on New Year’s Eve, in the south Indian city of Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), women were harassed, groped, and assaulted en masse. News about the mass molestation rapidly spread across the world. Karnataka’s Home Minister G Parameshwara was quick to blame westernised clothing and behaviour of young people. ‘They try to copy westerners not only in mindset, but even the dressing ... some girls are harassed, these kind of things do happen,’ he said.

Women's Agenda: How I just completed an Ironman

It was not an easy road, but in the words of Theodore Roosevelt, ‘nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…’

In March this year, I wrote in Women’s Agenda about my daily 30 minute practice of the ‘ideal unwind’. A routine I had created through the need to balance my extroverted personality and extreme career driven lifestyle.

Radio National: Can you teach entrepreneurs?

In our technologically disrupted world, there's an increasing focus on teaching competencies and skills that equip students for the modern workforce.

Erin Watson-Lynn discusses teaching entrepreneurship in our universities - how it's done and why we should do it.

Women's Agenda: How to get a Prime Minister to back your idea

What if you could get entrepreneurialism in a box? 

Well more than 600 kids across Australia got just that recently, thanks to Erin Watson-Lynn whose not-for-profit DICE Kids aims to promote entrepreneurship education amongst kids. 

DICE Kids won the Federal Government’s recent PolicyHack with its Lemonade Day proposal, and later secured endorsements from both Lucy and Malcolm Turnbull. It offered ‘I’m a little Entrepreneur’ kits through Our Little Foxes, offering kids everything they needed to establish a Lemonade stand business in line with Nationwide Lemonade Day in August. 

Startup Smart: Malcolm Turnbull meets the next generation of young Australian entrepreneurs at the inaugural National Lemonade Day

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has emphasised the importance of fostering entrepreneurialism in young Australians after visiting Australia’s first National Lemonade Day on the weekend.

Coinciding with World Entrepreneurs Day, hundreds of young entrepreneurs around the country took their first shot at getting a product to market in an initiative led by Policy Hack winner DICE Kids.

SBS Hindi: When life gives you lemons

DICE Kids Patron, Lucy Turnbull said - “National Lemonade Day will encourage kids to achieve something on their own using their own resources and skills and hopefully the confidence they will get in doing so will give them an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset and attitude for the rest of their lives.” 

CCIQ: When life gives you lemons

Queensland children who want to “run their own business” can join in the inaugural Lemonade Day on August 21. This pilot program is the brainchild of Erin Watson-Lynn and Digital, Innovative, Creative and Entrepreneurial (DICE) Kids.


SBS: 13 Australians head to India on a study tour

Radio interview with SBS Hindi about Young Leaders 2016.
This Sunday, 13 young Australians will head to India’s capital city – New Delhi for a study tour organised by Generate Worldwide. Erin Watson, the CEO of Generate Worldwide who will be personally heading this study tour says that they have called this The Young Leaders Tour.